Background and Chronology
            The Constitutional Setting in 1941
                The Constitutional "Revolution" of 1937
                 Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Power During World War II
           The U.S. Enters the War - Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
            "The Good War"
            The End of the War


Presidential Power During World War II

            Military Power - Ex parte Quirin (1942)

            Reorganization Act of 1939                     


Constitutional Rights and Freedoms During World War II
            Religious Freedom
                The Jehovah's Witnesses and the First Amendment
            Political Expression and Association

                 An Act to Prevent Pernicious Political Activities (Hatch Act) (1939)
                The Smith Act (Alien Registration Act) (1940)

                 Alien Enemies Act (1941)

            Racial Discrimination

                  The Fair Employment Practices Commission (June, 1941)
                  Race Riots (1943)
                  The White Primary Outlawed -  Smith v. Allwright (1944)
                  Eleanor Roosevelt and the Civil Rights Issue
                  Japanese Internment Act (1942) and Executive Order 9066 (1942)
                   Hirabayashi V. U.S. (1943)
                   Korematsu v. U. S.  and Ex Parte Endo (1944)                   

 Women’s Issues

            Women and the vote

            Women and the war effort - Rosie the Riveter


The Impact of World War II on the Constitution
            Presidential Power Expanded

            Congressional Power Expended - State Power Diminished

            Judicial Power Enlarged

            The Power of Interest Groups Expanded



Supreme Court Cases (Findlaw)

"The Effect of War on the Supreme Court"   (PDF)
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World War II Timeline

World War II History

The Second World War (Spartacus)

Court Cases and Codes (Findlaw)
Japanese American Internment (Findlaw)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Second Inaugural Address - 1937


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