The Presidential Election of 2016
Spring, 2017
Seminars ~ OLLI at LSU ~ Bulletin, Spring, 2017

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I.  The Constitutional and Statutory Provisions
    The Constitutional Texts
    The Relevant Federal Statutes
    The Electoral Tradition and Political Theory

II. Understanding the History of Presidential Elections
    Voting and Election Systems
    The Unit (Winner Take All) Rule
    The Elections of 1800, 1824, 1876, 1888, and 2000
    The Twelfth Amendment
    The Problem With the Unit Rule and Electors

III. The Electoral College: 2016
     The Candidates 
     The Popular Vote
     The Electoral Vote
     Campaign Financing in 2016

IV. Attempts to Reform the System
      Proportional Voting
      Direct Popular Election
      National Popular Vote
      Eliminating the Electors' Discretion

V. Evaluating the Reform Proposals
     The Nominating Process: Primaries and Conventions
     Republic v. Democracy
     Political Rhetoric in 2016

VI. Conclusions and Suggestions for Reform
      Difficulties Facing Reformers in 2016
      Media, Money, and Mendacity
      What Have We Learned? 


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