Making Sense of Current Events
 Fall, 2020 - Course materials: https:/ -


I. Introduction

--Human nature and human psychology

--Our search for human order

--Our search for truth

--Language, politics, and media manipulation

II. Major issue: COVID-19

--The science of the virus

--The politicizing of science

--The impact of the virus

--The future of public health

III. Major issue: The election of 2020

            -–The nomination process

--The Electoral College and the electoral system

--Political parties and political ideology in the 2020 election

--The role of the media

IV. Major issue: The American electorate

--The characteristics of the American electorate

--Civic education and participation

--Voting behavior

--Partisanship and divisiveness

V. Major issue: Climate Change

--The science of climate change

--The politics of climate change

--Globalization and parochialism

--The future of the planet

VI. Summary and conclusions

--The challenge of self-government

--The future of the American experiment

--Bases for hope, bases for despair

--Writing a new United States Constitution

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