What Can We Learn From the Federalist Papers?
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The Historical Context of The Federalist

II. The Political Philosophy of the Authors

III. The Structure and Organization of the Papers

IV. The Most Important Papers

V.  Importance and Impact of the Papers

VI. Lessons From The Federalist Papers in the Era of Trump

Resources on the Internet

The Full Text -from the Library of Congress

Thomas S. Engeman (and others), The Federalist Concordance -from Google Books (Excerpts from the book.)
 ( Scroll down to see sample pages from the Concordance.)

The Two Volume Edition of The Federalist -from lawbookexchange.com

Alexander Hamilton, "Preface to the Two Volume Edition of The Federalist" -from the Library of Congress

"Introductory Note: The Federalist" -from the National Archives

Ben Christopher, "How Statistics Solved a 175-Year Old Mystery About the Federalist Papers" -from priceonomics.com
Editions of The Federalist Papers -from goodreads.com
Editions of The Federalist Papers -from goodreads.com

The Federalist Papers -from Britannica.com

"An Introduction to The Federalist: Purpose and Authorship" - from John Karminski et al., The Documentary History of the Ratification of the
Constitution Digital Edition

"States and Dates of Ratification" (of the Constitution) -from Ben's Guide

Mary E. Webster, The Federalist Papers in Modern English -Just what it says: The Federalist in modern English.

Authorship of the Papers -who wrote which papers 

John E. Douglass, "Publishing the Federalist Papers: From Text to Ur-Text" -from ohioacademyof history.org

The Federalist Papers Summary -from teaparty911.com

"The Federalist Papers" -audiobook;  One can listen to the document read.

ConSource - a wonderful website dedicated to the American Constitution; it has much relating to the Federalist Papers
The Federalist Papers -on the ConSource website

The Federalist Papers -Summary prepared by CliffsNotes

The Federalist Papers -from the Library of Congress; gives information about the three authors and indicates which
papers were written by each author.

The Federalist Papers -from Wikipedia

The Federalist Papers - A Timeline -from sparknotes.com

The Federalist Papers - Main Ideas -from coursehero.com

The Federalist Papers -from constitutionfactss.com

Federalist Papers: About -from the Westport, CT library -features interesting video

The Federalist Papers -videos

Brian Lamb Interview with Robert Scigliano on The Federalist -Discussion of the style of the Papers

The Federalist (Gideon ed.) -from the Liberty Fund -an interesting and helpful arrangement

The Historical Context of The Federalist Papers -from Columbia College

Jane Mayer, "State Legislatures Are Torching Democracy," -from The New Yorker, August 6, 2022

Printz v. United States (1997) -the Supreme Court mines The Federalist in addressing a thorny constitutional issue
Melvyn R.  Durchslag, "The Supreme Court and the Federalist Papers: Is There Less Here Than Meets the Eye"
-from the William and Mary Bill of Right Journal (2005)

The Federalist Society -a conservative interest group

Michael L. Meyerson, "Disrespecting the Federalist Papers" -from History News Network

Federalist Essays in Historic Newspapers -from the Library of Congress

The Anti-Federalist Papers -writings opposing the ratification of the Constitution
The Anti-Federalist Papers [different site]

Who Were the Anti-Federalists -from thoughtcom.com

Summary of the Federalist Papers -from teaparty911.com

The Federalist Papers Summary -from gradesaver.com

The Federalist Papers -at the Library of Congress; includes a trove of materials

The Federalist Papers -from history.com; an excellent overview

The Federalist Papers Book Club -from the Federalist Society

 Steven B. Smith, "Can We Teach the Federalist Papers Today?" -from the American Institute for Economic Research

"The Federalist (Papers) Then and Now" -from the Journal of the American Revolution; examines myths about the Papers

Ira C. Lupu, "The Most-Cited Federalist Papers" -from the University of Minnesota Law School Scholarship Repository (1998)

Carl Scott, "A Quick Guide to Reading the Federalist Papers" -from firstthings.com

Bernard Bailyn, The Federalist Papers -lecture delivered at the Library of Congress (1996) - video
Benice Tell, "The Practical Use of Power: Harvard Professor Lectures at LC on the Federalist Papers" -a summary of Bailyn's presentation

Lee Rosenthal and Gregory P. Joseph, "The Foundations of U. S. Federalism" -from judicature.duke.edu

 Robert Longley, "Types of Federalism: Definition and Examples" -from thoughtco.com 

"What is Federalism and Its Governmental Forms" -from federalism.org

Gregory E. Maggs, "A Concise Guide to the Federalist Papers" -from Boston University

Seth Barrett Tillman, "The Federalist Papers as Reliable Historical Source Material For Constitutional Interpretation" -from the West Virginia
Law Review (2003)

Herbert Mitgang, "New Light on 1797 and Washington's Doubts" -from The New York Times (1987)

Sean Illing and

David Leonhardt, "'A Coming Crisis': The Twin Threats to Democracy" -from T'he New York Times, September 14, 2022

David Lay Williams, "Trump Has Made My Political Science Students Skeptical --of the Constitution" -from The Washington Post
(June 7, 2019)


"The Federalist" -from a right-wing organization exploiting the name for right-wint purposes

The Mar-a-Lago Documents - September 3, 2022
Transcripts -from rev.com
Trump Transcripts -from rev.com
Alexander Hamilton - "The Reynolds Pamphlet, 1797"