Guide to My Main Webpages

Paint Shop Pro

Protecting and Marking Images

Inserting the Copyrght Symbol

Working With Drop Shadows

Working with Text and the Drop Shadow Effect

Working With Transparent GIF Images

Resizing Cropped Images for Printing

Working With Ellipses and Other Shapes

Working With the EXIF Caption Script

Working With the Gaussian Blur

Assigning a Background Color

Working with Rainbow

Background Color Matching

Enlarging the Canvas Size

Using the Perspective Tool in PSPX5

Writing:  Curved Text


Templates in Kompozer

Embedding Audio Files and Links to Web Pages

Embedding Audio Files

Embedding Image Files
Using OneDrive's Embed Element - See also

Using the Projector

Manual for the Epson Projector (PDF)

Using the Projector With and Without a Computer


Using Dropbox

Google Drive

Using Google Drive


Using SkyDrive

Using SkyDrive's Embed Element and Adobe Reader


Snapshot Feature in Adobe Reader

Using Filezilla

Using Filezilla

Uploading Files

Power Point

One Example: Using Power Point
My Good Outline:
Click Here 

Creating a Frames Page

 Creating a Frames Page

 Learn Tables in Word 7

Learn Tables in Word

Learn Uppercase for Links

Learn Uppercase for Links

Learn HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Codes


Complete HTML TrueColor Chart

Learn Web Album Generator

Learn Web Album Generator

Quilt Frame Directions

Quilt Frame Directions

Zipping and Unzipping Files

Zipping and Unzipping Files


Photography Help on Walgreens Website - Easy Upload

Uploading Photographs - Tutorial

Uploading Photographs - Basic Upload

Image Size Guide

Picasa and Google+

Picasa and Google+

Mailing Labels

Mailing Labels for Avery 5160 Labels


How to Use Pbase

Using Flickr

Using Flickr (PDF)

Making Public Sets Private

Cascading Style Sheets

CSS Tutorial by

My Learning Page for Cascading Style Sheets

Olympus D-40

Manual - Addendum


Using Flickr


Suggestions for Learning How to Use Picasa [Album]

Suggestions for Learning How to Use Picasa [File]

Using the Album Map in Picasa

Adobe Revel

Working With Adobe Revel

Nikon Image Space

Using Nikon Image Space

Working With ImgBurn

Using ImgBurn to Copy CDs and DVDs

Word 2013

Lynda Campus Video Tutorial

Goodwill Community Foundation Tutorial

Nikon D40x Manual ~ Link for Manual

Olympus - D450-Z ManualLink for Manual

Suggestions for Using the Nikon D40x
   (Word) ~ PDF

Nikon D200 User's Guide - Ken Rockwell

Nikon D800 Manual

Nikon D800 Tutorials

iPhone 4s - [Electronic Device] Manual]

ASUS Manual

Sending Images to a Yahoo! Group List

Federal Standard Color

Solid Color Backgrounds


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